Melanotan 2-All You Need to Know

29 Sep

Melatonan 2 is by and large, a lab made chemical and it has quite a host of similarities to a certain hormone that is naturally found in human beings. This lab made hormone, melanotan 2 can be so easily confused for melatonin and you need to beware of the ease of such a confusion.

Looking at the uses of this particular lab made chemical, melanotan 2, it is often given as a prescription for men who happen to be suffering from erectile dysfunction, ED.  The other uses and ways in which melanotan 2 has been used has been for the need to help tan the skin and as well has been found to be in a way so effective in helping prevent some of the skin cancers that may be as a result of exposure to the sun.  For all uses, melanotan 2 is commonly given as a shot under the skin.  However there is continuing research to establish its effectiveness as a preventive treatment for conditions such as skin cancers that may result from exposure to the sun.  Read on to learn more on how melanotan 2 works.

Melatonan 2 like we have already mentioned below is similar to a hormone in the body known as melanocyte-stimulating hormone, which is the hormone that increases the production of the skin darkening pigments, melanin.  It can as well be of help to those with problems of erectile dysfunction, working in the brain to stimulate an arousal of the male sex organs.

Just as it is often the case with the other kinds of supplements and peptides out there, many have always had concerns and questions over safety of the use of the peptide or supplement melanotan 2.  By and large, when it comes to the issue of the safety of its use, melanotan 2 can be said to be generally safe for use for the treatment of the various conditions such as erectile dysfunction more so when it is used under medical supervision.  You only need to beware of such mild side effects that the use of this chemical may have and these would include issues such as decreased appetite, yawning, tiredness, uncontrolled erections or stiffness of the male sex organs, flushing, darkened skin, stomach cramps, nausea and the like side effects.

Erectile dysfunction is when a man has such persistent problems achieving or sustaining an erection.  When left t go untreated, erectile dysfunction can make sexual intercourse impossible.  Treatments are available for this condition and this is one area where the use of the lab made chemical, melanotan 2 comes in handy and of so much help. You can read more on this here:

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